FREEDUST: Talk To Me EP Talk to me? Oh what as in,“Maserati 3200. Talk to me!”? No, don’t worry, it’s not the return of Terry Tibbs but rather new material from Freedust in the form of their Talk To Me EP. This four-tracker is the follow-up to last year’s Jump Up And Down EP and kicks off with a brisk but sexy female vocal title track that does everything to reinforce the monkey’s previous description of the outfit as the ‘lovechild of Skeewiff and St Etienne.’ Instros Young Guns and Battling keep things lively, the former punctuating its staccato breakbeat with guitar, claps and ‘hahs’ to give just the merest hint of country and topping the whole lot off with some judicious scratching while the latter is a jazzy breakbeat swingfest sure to prompt further rug-cutting. Finally, the whole thing is wrapped up with an instrumental version of the title track. And what more can possibly be said after all that than “Fang you and goo’night. Much love!”
(Out 6 August on Danca)