COMPANY FREAK: Sexaholic (2014)

Sexaholic Company Freak“Morning, noon and night, can’t get enough of it/ Don’t give me a cure, baby, I don’t want it (sexaholic)/ Baby you got to get me to another hit/ Cause I’m a sex-a-hol-ic/ Gimme some sex, I wanna have sex with you/ I wanna have some sex, sex is what we’ll do.” Quite apart from the authentic late 70s disco beat, and the authentic disco diva vocal from Vivian Reed, the lyrics pretty much absolve Company Freak’s PR firm of having to do any actual marketing work for this beyond sending out news of its existence into the ether. Add in a lyric video that opens with a pair of tits and, Studio 54 thus resurrected, they can put their feet up and stretch out their hand for the cheque. I blame Daft Punk.

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