MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 4 (2014) Free download

FRDS4-cover-web500Hotter than a holiday on the sun and doper than Cheech and Chong roadtrip fun! That’s right fam, it’s the latest installment of’s mighty annual mixtape as we present the fifteen track super-freshness of Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 4! The stops have been pulled out to bring you more exclusives (and soon to be classics) than ever before and these come courtesy of the mighty Skeewiff, Smov (a.k.a. Smoove) & Suonho, Titan Sound, Voodoocuts, Honest Lee and My Therapist. As if that wasn’t enough, you can rest assured that the balance of tracks consists of eleven heavyweight bangers that you might’ve missed (but certainly shouldn’t have) during the last twelve months of funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae and breaks courtesy of Ad n Kuts, Morlack, Funk Efemedzemov, Chrispop, DeRobert & The Half Truths (thanks to G.E.D. Soul), Mr Bristow, Mr Bird, DJ Maars and Freqnik & WDRE (thanks to Ghetto Musiq). Funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, breaks y’all!

Download: Monkeyboxing presents - 'Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 4' CLICK HERE


Cover art and text by Stone Monkey
Compiled by Stone Monkey

Big ups to all the artists and labels involved – it’s an honour as always.
Big love to the twin angels, Linda and Lisa, for modelling again. xx

…still available
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11 Responses to MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 4 (2014) Free download

  1. Deni Shain says:

    awesome guys !!!!!!

  2. Tom Web says:

    Love it – amazing!!!
    Downloads with encryption though… won’t play? Please advise

  3. stimpy says:

    The worst thing about this compilation is that there are only 4 volumes and it’s over after lil more than 3 hours.. ;( –> Repeat! \o/ 😉

  4. StoneMonkey says:

    Encryption!?!!!!? There isn’t any! 🙂 File should download to your desktop as playable mp3s, plus art, plus PR blah. Sounds like something’s causing an issue at your end. How does it manifest? Give me a shout at:

  5. Tom Web says:

    Thanks for your time resolving this issue, it was me being stupid!
    Love the music… Excellent support

  6. Funk Gears says:

    Thanks for this one.

  7. DubMe says:

    Killer selection… 4th volume… keep up the good work! Thanks!!!

  8. Coleridge says:

    storming – great selection – love the way it blurs the lines between funk hiphop reggae and soul its like a full 360 revolution in sound – loving it! more please!

  9. IsabellaGrooves says:

    that was DOPE!!! thank you, StoneMonkey!

  10. looney toonz says:

    big ups to all involved thanx a million youve made a mountain man happy best of luck to all monkeys

  11. StoneMonkey says: