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THE SPELLBINDER PROJECT: Spell Check Vol. 2 (Vinyl 12″)

Alright, so the monkey is slightly late on this one – Spell Check Vol. 2 – from The Spellbinder Project. Perhaps it was the guitary post-punk of the first track of this instrumental four-tracker or the similarly influenced third cut Soul Shot that caused the pause – after all – that’s not MB territory. However, after twenty seconds or so of heavy guitar at the start of track 2, Who’s Next, a more syncopated drum break reveals itself as we enter a psych-funk arena and then of course there’s final track Cheio De Bossa which displays its psych-funk credentials from the off and by half a minute in is all about the guitar wah! It probably won’t surprise anyone to find out that two of the tracks on here were recorded with Macolm Catto in Quatermass Sound Lab studio…
(Out now on Spinout Nuggets)

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