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MARK RONSON: ‘Circuit Breaker’ – video

Last Thursday evening, Sony mysteriously pasted the link to this video (watch below) on Stereogum into the subject bar of an empty email to me presumably in an attempt to make it ‘go viral.’ Obviously the monkey has given the impression of being some sort of slave to the web, barely able to leave the laptop for a piss, let alone go to work, then have a night out followed by a hangover which I’m claiming is why this hasn’t been posted for three days. Of course in the intervening time Ronson’s new video is all over the net like a money-shot without the monkey’s help and every man, his dog and his dog’s fleas have checked out the Legend Of Zelda-inspired video. But what of the music (?) – that is if you’re one of the elite few who actually has a life and not actually seen the video yet. Just like the original funk and soul scene – Ronson has now tired of horns and come over all synthesized. Those too lazy (or afraid) to move the cursor to the ‘play’ symbol on the link below could try imagining Ronseal’s usual ‘Pound Shop’ breakbeat/ horn melody combo as interpreted by a Bontempi Organ demo programmer and save themselves the bother. Rumour has it that the man has also stepped up to the mic for forthcoming LP Record Collection. Apparently Lady Gaga put him up to it – nuff said. Look out for forthcoming single Bang Bang coming soon…
Mark Ronson – Myspace

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