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KID ACNE: You Get What You’re Given

KID ACNE feat. SPECTACULAR DIAGNOSTICS: You Get What You're GivenIt’s almost time for Kid Acne’s new album Have A Word but while you wait, here’s next single You Get What You’re Given. And what you’re given is Acne opening the floodgates of his forebrain once more and allowing consciousness to stream out over a suitably reflective beat from Spectacular Diagnostics. This being Kid Acne of course, the contents of his forebrain are worth a listen. For in-between zig-a-zig-aahhs (yes, really) and mentions of pineapple fritters lies a tale of an emcee stoically dealing with the fact that the only things life has given him to rap about lately are the mundanity of clearing leaves out the gutter and getting covered in cat hair from the sofa. In such a context, wielding a hedge-trimmer on a Bank Holiday must have seemed like an absolute treat. This being Acne of course, he is more than capable of compensating for life’s inability to provide suitable material by delivering what it has given him via a complex rhyme scheme.
(Out 23 October on Lex Records)

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