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FLYING FISH: Play For Me/ Oh My Dayz (2013)

[RATING: 5] The A-side of the current 45 from Flying Fish is a hectic Pulpfusion remix but frankly this one’s all about the flip – Oh My Dayz – the best bit of boom-bap soul I’ve heard since The Snugs dropped Strugglin’ back in 2007. Sparse stabs of dark horns and a tight break create a smoky atmosphere over which Leah Smith weaves a tale of a bloke she’s just met who’s ‘kind of cute’ but a bit full on. “You’re asking me to move in with somebody I don’t know” she pleads, “I think you’re crazy!” and you’re all sympathy until she mentions “take me to a fancy restaurant but if it’s love you want/ It ain’t on the menu”. Christ what a mercenary! Can’t deny the groove though. Looks like wax only at the minute…
(Out now on Skyline Recordings)

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