KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 83 MORLACKNow on an incredible Vol. 83, the Katakana Edits series once more features breakbeat’s go-go king, Morlack, though on this occasion he’s heading in a funky direction that’s less DC-centric. First up is the brisk Jimmy Sabater-sampling Here Comes The Hook which sets a very funky precedent that is ably matched by the squelchy groove of Sossego – a heavyweight rerub of an already very groovy original nugget by Brazilian legend Tim Maia. This in turn is followed by peak-time treat Lucy On Skate which leaps about all over the place pairing (among other things) an old Fishbone sample with a positively throbbing slap bassline and a lil bit of Blood Sweat & Tears and finally we get a pumping nu-disco-ish re-version of a Dynasty track.
(Out now on Katakana Edits)