KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 25 (2015)

Vol. 25 Katakana Edits ManjahAnother Katakana Edits already? Go on then – who is it this time? It’s Manjah! Ok so he’s not the most productive of beatmakers but when he does put something out, it’s always worth a listen – quantity versus quality – knowhadimean? For me the Manjah track that always stands out was the Supreme-ly epic edit My Dub Is Empty Without You which came out on Sunsetsoul (whatever happened to them?) all the way back in ’09. Now Katakana Edits have collected together six more of Manjah’s edits from the last few years and compiled them as Katakana Edits Vol. 25. That’ll be respectful reworks of Roots Manuva, Capital Letters, Dr Alban, Al Bell, Lloyd & Glen and Dennis Brown then. Dubbly jubbly!
(Out now on Katakana Edits)