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BASEMENT FREAKS: Blackened Hypno (ACDC vs. The Notorious B.I.G.)(2017) Free download

Blackened Hypno ACDC Biggie Basement Freaks[RATING: 5] He might like to spread his love across bass music genres all the way from moombah to reggae but you can always rely on Basement Freaks to deliver a floor-filling banger driven by a boom-bap beat every now and then. In this case – a juggernaut mash-up combining the not under-sampled Back In Black from Australia’s evergreen heavy rockers ACDC and the not under-used ‘pella of Hypnotize by bootleg producers’ fave Mr Biggie Smalls. A match made in heaven, the surprise is that nobody already made it. But they didn’t. So here’s ‘Block Party Banger’ Blackened Hypno to tear the roof off!

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