So Nicole Willis has got a new backing band – Banda Palomita – and it turns out there’s this new long-player on the way entitled My Soul Sensation rich in disco, jazz-funk, soul, boogie and electro flavours. Before all that though it is rather customary to put out some sort of single by way of a taster, which, my friends, will be this – I Call Your Name. It’s a track that turns on an itchy little electro boogie groove while Willis languishes after a lost lover who still maintains a hold over her, “Don’t twist me inside/ Destroy my pride,” she agonises, continuing, “I wanna be, the love, you don’t regret/ I wanna be, the love, you won’t forget/ I wanna be, the love, of a life time/ I wanna be, the one, you call mine.” Whoah there Nicole! Don’t bloody tell them that! They’ll know they’ve got over a barrel, you loon. You’ve got to make out you’re not bothered – you know – give it some ‘Sorry, what was your name again?’ type thing. Mind you, that probably wouldn’t make quite as a successful a singalong hook. Still, you can’t have everything can you?
(Out 11 January on Persephone Records)