THE ALLERGIES: Treat You Right

Well, I woke up this morning/ Na nana na na/ To an Allergies’ blues song/ Na nana na na/ I couldn’t believe it/ Na nana na na/ But it don’t sound wrong/ Na nana na na/ If you was to hear it/ Na nana na na/ Maybe you’d think it too/ Na nana na na/ But thooooose Allergies boys…done…got…the blues! That’ll be new Allergies bump, Treat You Right then – a blues-influenced affair which finds them flipping the stylistic script once more. Obviously, there’s a little more under the hood in the rhythm section than might have been found at a Robert Johnson gig but you’d expect that of them. No doubt some will be pleased to refer to it as ‘electro-blues’ but were you to commit such a heinous crime, expect all and sundry to come round your house and very definitely not treat you right.  It would, after all, be entirely deserved.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)