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SERGE SEVERE: Shots Fired (prod. ZAPATA)(2016) Free download

shots-fired-serge-severe-zapataNext one out of the clip for Portland mic manipulator Serge Severe is Zapata-produced number Shots Fired about the trigger-happy tendencies of the boys in blue over the pond and the way they just seem to keep getting away with it. Perhaps it’s to do with the man greasing palms behind the scenes? Well – that is

SERGE SEVERE: New Generation (Prod. ZAPATA)(2015) Free download

New Generation Serge Severe ZapataPortland rapper Serge Severe plays microphone Pancho Villa to the production Zapata of previous cohort – er- Zapata on new one New Generation. The pair previously hooked up on Severe’s 2012 EP Silver Novelist and this free download effort is the harbinger of more hip-hop history to follow from the pair later in the year as they proceed to tear through current hip-hop complacency with