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CHAMBER: Flip Like A Renegade (2014)

Flip Like A Renegade ChamberHow about a little Chamber music? No, not that kind. Relative Dimensions decide that warping great electro blues-funk break Flip Like A Renegade from Beat Kitchen resident Chamber was just too good not to remix. So they’ve had it remixed – by Doc Moody who flips like Aphrodite, El Bomba who flips like 90s big beat, Leygo who flips like he’s a ghetto Robert Johnson, Sketi who flips like he’s

YOUTHFUL IMPLANTS feat. RAGGA TWINS: Hold That Gyal (2013)

Yet another Ghetto Funk release before the end of the year and it’s the turn of Youthful Implants to unveil an EP of sweetly wistful ambience of Hold That Gyal to lullaby the year to its close. Lullaby my ass! It’s got Ragga Twins on it – didn’t you see? What kind of madman would put Ragga Twins in charge of a lullaby? They do snarly, shouty toasting over planet-threatening bass noise. Like this. And if you