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WINDMILLS & CELSIUS 7: California Sunshine/ Dry Skin (Vinyl 7″)

WINDMILLS & CELSIUS 7:  California Sunshine/ Dry Skin (Vinyl 7It’s always a pleasure when Cali crew Windmills unleash some of their psychedelia-tinged hip-hop and new vinyl 7″, California Sunshine/ Dry Skin, is no exception. The title track is initially all contemplative synths, jazzy sax and Windmills emcee Frameworks considering beats, rhymes and life whilst cruising down the highway. But then suddenly, as if Mr Works had switched radio

WINDMILLS: Stay Golden (2017)

WINDMILLS:  Stay GoldenRating: ★★★★★ Firmly holding on to what’s golden for their third LP – er – Stay Golden, are Californian underground hip-hop crew Windmills. The outfit – consisting of producer and multi-instrumentalist Rex Rey and emcee Framework – first hit the ground in 2011 with their debut As Above, So Below delivering fresh hip-hop psychedelia best

WINDMILLS: Broken Record (2014)

Broken Record WindmillsThe sails on another bout of album length production have turned full circle for West coast indy hip-hop duo Windmills who hove back into view with second LP Broken Record. Those who caught their first LP will know they’re dealing with the full production might of hip-hop fiend and multi-instrumentalist Rex Rey (veteran of numerous solo projects and collaborations) and

REX REY: The Raw Deal 2012 (2013) Free download

The Raw Deal 2012 is the latest volume in a series from L.A. hip-hop producer (and one half of psychedelic West Coast hip-hop duo Windmills) Rex Rey. It’s a not dissimilar kind of deal to DOOM’s Special Herbs & Spices beat series and our man describes his latest offering as being, “Beats in various stages for sundry projects down the road.” But don’t listen to him – that makes them sound

WINDMILLS: As Above, So Below – 2011 – Album review + Free download

HIGHLIGHTS: Solitary Figure – Slow Mode – My Summer Fantasie – Windmills – Reborn Of Thought
SOUNDBITE: “You want hip-hop the way that it was?/ Then it’d be more fun to hang around instead of killing my buzz/ It’s Windmills motherfucker and we’re happy you came/ Do I expect those to front? That’s the way I was raised”

Rating: ★★★★★


1. Mr Benn – Police (Magic Fly remix)
Rude skanking remix of the lairy A side riddim.

2. Orgone – The Last Fool
Full funk flames. First track on new LP.

3. Boca 45 – Bottles In The Air
Reverb heavy floor filler.

4. Windmills – Summer Fantasie
Very fresh west coast hip-hop. Expect BIG things.

5. The Bamboos – You Ain’t No Good
Mod-soul stomper feat. The mysterious King Merc

6. Smov & Dedy Dread – No Diggin
Sixties Motown/ Bossa beat-crosser Black Street refix.
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7. Herma Puma feat. Sensei Of Soul – Disposable Rappers
Super chilled, super heavy, full fat. Part 1.

8. The Funk League feat. Diamond D & Sadat X – The Boogie Down Bombers
Super chilled, super heavy, full fat. Part 2.

9. Funktomas – Shake Shot
Big thumping, disco-breakin, beats. Part 1.

10. DJP – Juicy Way
Big thumping, disco-breakin, beats. Part 2.