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WILL C: Omega Supreme Soundwave (2014)

Omega Supreme Soundwave Will CWill C might have had some material out in the recent past but he hasn’t had his rap hat on for two whole years. According to the man himself though, he recently emerged from his cocoon and banged out Omega Supreme Soundwave (the LP heralded by the drop of album track Ancient Spirits earlier this month) in less time than I’ve had it to listen to and write about. The whole thing was apparently

WILL C: ‘Ancient Spirit’ video + ‘Omega Supreme Soundwave’ trailer (2014)

Ancient Spirit Omega Will CShortly to be entering the outer rappersphere after a lengthy sojourn in the fourth dimension with Brian Wilson is none other than Will C everybody. The Boston emcee/ producer’s twin obsessions of filtering the eighties through a psychedelic prism and delivering distorted rap vocals have survived the journey, you’ll be pleased to hear, which means the prospect of a new LP is rather exciting

GOLDEN BROWN SOUND: ‘African Black Gold’ (2013) video + free download

Golden Brown Sound‘s African Black Gold is the second ganja anthem to drift, smoke-like, the monkey’s way this month and is about as raw as boom-bap gets. Rapper No Doz kicks raucous rhymes over Dj On & On’s fat beat which sounds like the arrival of Hannibal’s war elephant. MB favourite Will C has been employed to direct the video and adds to the weird by chopping up movie

WILL C: Runaway, Train (2013) + video trailer

It’s summer, it’s time for another psychedelic breakbeat trip from the far-out mind of Boston rapper/ producer/ director (he’s not one for delegation), Will C. The PR has it that the album is, “the only official account of what happened to Will C….after he mysteriously disappeared from his home base of Boston a year ago”. The LP video teaser (spliced together from 80s film excerpts

WILL C: ‘Eli’s Prism’ & ‘I Ain’t Makin It’ videos (2012)

If you haven’t caught Will C‘s latest album and evocative retro-rap trip Eli’s Prism, you need to take yourself outside and have a strong word with yourself. When you come back in the room – get with the programme and get the full 411 HERE. If you did catch it or you’re now back in the room and fully briefed after a stern bit of self-chastisement – check out the videos below for the album’s opening

WILL C: Eli’s Prism (2012)

It’s a safe bet that if you dug the Boston underground hip-hop lot who came through in the late nineties/ early 2000s – (I’m thinking – 7L & Esoteric, Edan, Mr Lif, Dagha), you’ll dig Boston MC/ producer Will C – even if he is now based in Colorado. In fact, if you enjoyed any underground hip-hop of the late nineties and the early 2000s – it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll dig Will C’s fourth full

WILL C: Almost Summer EP (2012) Free download + video

It’s almost summer and Bostonian rapper/ producer Will C is more excited than a kid with a new bucket and spade as he follows up trippy Beach Boys-raiding instrumental LP Adieu Or Die with the Almost Summer EP. Almost summer? It might be ‘almost summer’ in Boston. Try living at the arse end of the gulfstream mate – it’s a fucking weather lottery over here at the

WILL C: Adieu Or Die (2012) – Free download LP + video

Last heard of raiding his dad’s vinyl collection for 2009’s epic samplefest Evil In The Mirror, Bostonian rapper/producer Will C is back with Adieu Or Die and it looks like he’s once again managed to get the keys to the study with a single purpose in mind. This time around, it seems, he was just after the old man’s Beach Boys collection. Now, it’s a well-known piece of musical history that towards the end of the nineteen-sixties two of the

WILL C: Losers – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

Love it or hate it, (more often than not, we love it) Bostonian hip-hop has it’s big underground names – Mr Lif, Dagha, Edan, 7L & Esoteric and now you can add Will C to the list. Losers (the debut single off soon come debut LP Evil In The Mirror update + tracklist HERE) is a chilled summery boom-bap groove wherein we find Will having a pop at others for being losers, and then, suddenly, in a moment of terrible existential crisis pondering whether it is not, he, after all, who is the loser. He’s clearly not, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be giving this the giant big-ups. Equally fresh B-side (well, I say B-side – sadly you’ll have to press this yourself if you want it on vinyl) finds Will and the aforementioned Esoteric doing more what you might call ‘krush-grooving’. Hot shit indeed. Chek!

Will C – Myspace

WILL C: Evil In The Mirror LP Update + tracklist

“Evil In The Mirror”, the debut full length from recording artist Will C, is released 14 July 2009 – monkeyboxing review HERE. A young mind with an against-the-grain view on making music, Will has managed to put together an exciting album in a genre where listeners generally aren’t given enough credit. Dense enough lyrically and musically to become increasingly rewarding upon repeated listens,”Evil…” however does not demand the listener to stop having fun and “dissect” in order to appreciate the record.

The album features the highly talked/typed about lead single, “Losers” (BRK 8805) (monkeyboxing review HERE) and also a guest appearance from Esoteric, one of Hip Hop’s most gifted minds and entertaining artists. The two push things to the brink of insanity on the uptempo sonic tour-de-force, “Synthetic Genetics.”

At the heart of “Evil In The Mirror” is its source material. The nucleus, the back drops that inspire the lyrics. Will says, “When carefully arranged and selected, countless stacks of record LPs, cassettes, 45s, and VHS tapes* hopefully become a finished product with my signature stamp on it. Before there was Evil In The Mirror, there was a Rock album here, an Exotica record there… Folk, Jazz, Space Age Pop, Disco, Funk… all sorts of records being selected, if only slightly “by random.” Some because they have interesting covers, others because they’re cheap, and still others, for example, because a co-worker felt compelled to lend me a Country Moog record for the hell of it. Top all of that off with those odd days spent tip-toeing into rooms to snag records I’m STILL not supposed to lay a finger on (at 22… really??!!) and the result is the adventure that became “Evil In The Mirror.”

Will C – Evil In The Mirror – tracklist:
1. Frog Among Queens
2. It Ain’t The 80s
3. Water Ice (With A Gaseous Center)
4. Alternate Earth
5. Infinite Hourglass
6. Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric
7. Zodiac Extension
8. Trainspotting
9. The Places
10. Be Yourself Syndrome
11. Uncle Owen (Extended Re-edit)
12. Recurring Dream
13. Losers
14. Evil In The Mirror

Will C – Myspace