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JAYL FUNK: We Got The Funk (2015)

We Got The Funk Jayl FunkWho got the funk? We got the funk, it would seem – ‘we’ meaning Jayl Funk – though whether that’s the royal ‘we’ is a little ambiguous since cohorts CaZ are there with a remix too. JF goes large with what sounds (when the bass finally kicks in) a bit like the rhythm to Dee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart – done by afro-funkers plus a side helping of Stax horns. And some flute. And some squalling

JAYL FUNK: We Got The Funk – release details

Forthcoming on Basement Freaks new imprint (the aptly named Bombastic Jam) is this funky breaks cut from Nurnberg producer JaylFunk accompanied by not one but four remixes from the likes of Basement Freaks himself, CaZ, J-Roc of the Sould Out DJs and Quincy Jointz…and arguably the best cover of any release so far this year.
(Out 14 April on Bombastic Jam)

Listen to Jayl Funk – We Got The Funk