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DJs CODO & MARK JAMES feat. FRED VALLE: Alright (Vinyl 7″)

Waxnerds Alright 7Rating: ★★★★★ Every night the monkey has the strangest dreams and last night’s was that Waxnerds DJs Codo & Mark James co-opted Fred Valle to help them deliver epic Latin boom-bap vibes with further top shelf acapella assistance from one Big Daddy Kane. Imagine the surprise at MB Towers when the ‘dream’ turned out to be true

WAXNERDS: Half Man Half Amazing/ As Long As I Got Wu (Vinyl 7″)

WAXNERDS: Half Man Half Amazing/ As Long As I Got Wu (Vinyl 7Never short of ideas (hardly surprising given there’re twenty-six of them!), the latest set of 45 edits from the Waxnerds collective consists of Shoesy’s Half Man Half Amazing backed with Sam Tweaks’ As Long As I’ve Got Wu. It ain’t hard to tell (thank you, I’m here all week!) who Shoesy has picked as a vocal source, nor are there any prizes for identifying a certain other massive collective from Staten Island as the vocal source

WAXNERDS: Harder Than Jezahel/ Mob Fire (Vinyl 7″)

WAXNERDS:  Harder Than Jezahel/ Mob Fire (Vinyl 7Deconstructing and rebuilding hip-hop tracks based on samples with extra use of the samples but also using the rapapellas and the sample source vocals? It’s what Waxnerds do. Don’t call it an edit! On their latest 45 to hit the streets – it’s all about the mighty P.E.’s Harder Than You Think‘s collision with the equally mighty Shirley Bassey’s Jezahel on Harder Than Jezahel. Well, I

WAXNERDS: Faith Like This b/w Just Buggin’ Out (vinyl 7″)

WAXNERDS:  Faith Like This b/w Just Buggin' Out (vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Just out, yet another Waxnerds bomb as the former Instagram chat group turned vinyl edit and mash-up kings open the bomb bay doors again, this time with Faith Evans finding herself atop Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band. Since that does sound a bit rude, permit the monkey to clarify: essentially, the Waxnerds crew have spliced Faith Evans’ Love Like This ‘pella to

MOST WANTED: Calm Down 7″ (2017)

MOST WANTED:  Calm Down 7Rating: ★★★★★ Calm down? That’ll be essential advice for deejays and b-boys then when they clock that a 7″ re-press of Calm Down by obscure 90s outfit Most Wanted (a.k.a Fever Records’ signings, III Most Wanted) has just dropped. Why? Er – well, quite simply because it takes the Commodores’ epic Assembly Line break (complete with ‘huh’s) and stretches it out to full track length