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QDUP & WARP 9 feat. FLEX MATTHEWS: Bodyrock (2016)

Bodyrock Qdup Warp 9 Flex MatthewsQdup, Warp 9 and Flex Matthews get the full lock on the Bodyrock with their new collaborative single, and it’s every bit the slice of twenty-first century synth-drenched slice of bass-funk electric boogaloo you’d expect from the name. On the mic, Matthews lays down the gauntlet for fellow emcees and there’s even a brooding synth dropout to allow the competition to contemplate their game. Warp

SCOUR RECORDS: Freemixed Nuts (2013) Free download

If Fat Harry‘s PR blah is anything to go by, Scour Records and its associated acts and employees wallow permanently in a festering pit of pan-sexual deviance. By way of seasonal celebration they drag an unsuspecting (and for ‘unsuspecting’ read ‘completely unaware’) Leo Sayer, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Dame Shirley Bassey into their sweaty embrace in order to give them a relatively mild