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SMOOVE: Friday’s Funky 45 Vol. 9 (Vinyl 7″) + Wack Records 19-22

SMOOVE:  De La Smoove/ Hall & Soul (Vinyl 7I don’t know, nothing for ages and then four come along at once – well five technically, though one is a re-release. I’m on about Smoove mash-ups of course – the very thing, in fact, that our Berry Geordie set Wack Records up for back in the day. And so it is that Wack Records 19-22 (a.k.a. Sunny Juice, It’s All Good, Skeelo Wonder and Hall & Soul) get a simultaneous release. Well – when you’ve made a special mix of tracks for BBC 6

SMOOVE: A Quest Called Tribe (Vinyl 7″)

SMOOVE: A Quest Called Tribe (Vinyl 7You can’t accuse Smoove of letting the grass grow under his feet when he’s not engaged on Smoove & Turrell business, for here is epic new vinyl 7″ cut n paste mix A Quest Called Tribe which tops even his previous Main Sourced 45. Where that project saw him take a mere three months to splice together every sample on Main Source’s first LP Breaking Atoms in order to fill two sides of wax, A

SMOOVE: Main Sourced 7″ audio premiere (2017) + Video

Rating: ★★★★★ Fans of that ol’ boom-bap will no doubt be familiar with a certain classic of the genre – Breaking Atoms – the debut LP from Large Professor’s crew, Main Source. A veritable samplefest, there’s no doubting its influence or the fact that it has stood the test of time. In fact it’s the sort of thing that the likes of Smoove have been aurally mainlining since it came out. That’s got to have an effect on a man, surely? Er – a little