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VARIOUS: Jalapeno Funk Vol 9

VARIOUS: Jalapeno Funk Vol 9 I don’t know about you but there’s almost as many shades of The Italian Job about the retro red, white and blue van on the cover of the Jalapeno Funk Vol. 9 as there are shades of the 70s Bronx. Which makes it the perfect visual metaphor for a twenty-one track compilation of British funk, soul and funky-breaks inspired by the golden era of Stateside funk and soul. Twenty-one?! You were

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vols. 9 and 10 (2016)

Tasty Beats Vol 9 Vol 10 Tru FunkAfter a six month hiatus, here’s the Tru Funk label to wrap up their successful Tasty Beats series before heading off on another hiatus. I like to imagine they’re off somewhere hot, sitting by the pool, pina coladas in their hands surrounded by beach babes. Bloody hell – it’s all right for some isn’t it? Assuming of course that is what they’re up to. Er – anyway, it’s Tasty Beats Vol. 9

BIG M PRESENTS…Vol. 9 – Various Banging Artists No.3 – 2011

Big M goes bigger and harder than ever with this ‘Banging Artists’ drop. The release rightly leads with Funkanomics scarily heavy Cypress Hill rerub of Lick A Shot – the monstrous ghetto funked-up Licky Shot, then Chris Awesome cooks up a fat one – see what I did there? Have a listen you’ll work it out. Telephunken (clearly not contented with having his own four track EP out on Big M currently) has a bash at reworking Edwyn Starr’s heavy soul hitter 25 Miles