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DAYTONER: Life’s A Bitch b/w (It Ain’t) All Good (Vinyl 7″)

Friday's Funky 45 Vol. 12Imagine if Nas’s AZ-featuring Illmatic track, Life’s A Bitch, had a beat done in the style of J-Swift’s work on debut Pharcyde album Bizarre Ride II…? Daytoner and assorted bandmates certainly have done for the A-side of Friday’s Funky 45 Vol. 12 in their fifth crack of the FF45 whip alongside such hallowed company as Featurecast, Smoove, Freqnik & WDRE, Flipout and Red Astaire. Gone is the stoner head-nod of the original replaced by

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 11 & 12 (2013)

Updating dusty old classics for modern tastes is a thriving party breaks industry. Sometimes the man agrees and sanctions an official edit. Typically, he doesn’t – mainly because he usually wants all of the profit from such releases. It’s a practice which forces producers underground and results in the man getting none of the profits. But fuck him anyway. Since when did he ever understand music? On the other hand, Katakana Edits along