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TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 11 (2017)

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 11Oh hello – it’s the Tru Funk label with Party Breaks Vol. 11 in the second of today’s adventures in party breaks. And there was me thinking the label was ‘on a break’ – possibly permanently – due to being tired and emotional from too much party-breaking. Well – that and the fact that no-one has heard anything from them in over a year. Once again, reports of their demise seem to be bollocks

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 11 & 12 (2013)

Updating dusty old classics for modern tastes is a thriving party breaks industry. Sometimes the man agrees and sanctions an official edit. Typically, he doesn’t – mainly because he usually wants all of the profit from such releases. It’s a practice which forces producers underground and results in the man getting none of the profits. But fuck him anyway. Since when did he ever understand music? On the other hand, Katakana Edits along