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VIDA G feat. KRSA: Moonshiners (2014)

Moonshiners Vida G KRSANynfus Corp has only been defunct as a production proposition for five minutes but former member Vida G is not letting that slow down his output for here he is with some finely distilled bottom-end heavy, bashment-tinged electro swing. That’ll be Moonshiners then. Of course, where there’s moonshine, everyone wants a piece of the action. Consequently, VG has had to cut remixers Hanzee


So Long Dudes Nynfus CorporationNynfus Corporation return and simultaneously bow out with the Bill & Ted-ishly titled 12″ wax EP So Long Dudes. Yep – from now on Kid Panel & DJ Clairvo will forge ahead with being Lack Jemmon and Vida G will blow the whole joint up all on his own. But not before they have a chance to get BC beat bandit Timothy Wisdom to drop weed-worship rhymes in conjunction with a hook

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 010 (2014)

Carnibal Records 010In the second of today’s ‘Where the fuck have you been?’ moments here’s only the second release this year from Palov and Panama Cardoon’s always trusty Carnibal Records – a label that can be relied upon to deliver something for the dancefloor. Specifically party breaks with a swinging-latin-Carribbean-breakbeat-dancehall vibe. And release 010 is no exception. DJ Inko‘s got a latin-skank