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VAST AIRE: Airebender (prod. COSMIQ)

VAST AIRE:  Airebender (prod. COSMIQ)“Master of the elements is here/ And my tribe has no fear,” there’s no mistaking the voice of Cannibal Ox emcee Vast Aire as the man re-surfaces on new single Airebender – apparently as blissfully unaware of the vagaries of British-English slang as the financial backers of the film The Last Airbender. Other than that, it’s all good news for fans of Can. Ox who will also prick up their ears at

VAST AIRE: ‘Nomad’ video + Vast Aire producer competition – 2011

This’ll be the video to the Nomad single that the press release included in yesterday’s post about Aire’s new album Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey lauded as ‘reminiscent of Cannibal Ox but will hit you harder.’ The same press release, incidentally, that said video wasn’t actually available with. Not to worry, the vast (sorry) underground hip-hop marketing machine rumbles onward down the internet superhighway like some gargantuan

VAST AIRE: Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey – 2011 – Album release details + Sour Diesel video

There might still be no sign (or likelihood) of a new Cannibal Ox album in the near future but CanOX rapper and co-founder Vast Aire returns at the end of May with his solo follow-up to 2008’s Deuces Wild LP. This notwithstanding, other CanOx rapper Vordul will actually be making an appearance on Ox 2010 along with Cappadonna, Raekwon and Guilty Simpson