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VARIOUS: Lime Sorbet IV (Selected by QUINCY JOINTZ)(2014)

Lime Sorbet IV Quincy JointzSelectah Quincy Jointz is in the area once more with Volume 4 of his Lime Sorbet series covering all bases from nufunk to nujazz, chillout to breaks, funk to reggae and electro to – ahem – house. This one is seventeen tracks deep and in the days of physical-only releases it would have been worth paying for the whole thing just to get your hands on Andy Taylor‘s nufunk bomb-track Pray which

TOSSES & VARVEZ: Get This Bounce EP (BigMP23) (2013)

BigM might have been relatively quiet in the last couple of months but their two latest releases make up for that by bringing a considerable amount of noise. The first of these comes from Italian production team Tosses & Varvez in the shape of the Get This Bounce EP which features a number of collaborators and journeys from nineties-soul tinged breaks to grinding ghetto funk. Chief among said

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 5 (2013)

There ain’t no party like a Tru:Funk party and the crew assembled for Nu Party Breaks Vol. 5 pillage past decades to make sure business is all funky as usual. DJ AKA gets busy with KC & The Sunshine Band, the superbly named Hiphoppapotamus wallows in the sound of Curtis Mayfield, Morlack responds to the siren call of Dizzee Rascal, Warson

BIGM PRESENTS: Vol. 22 Various Bangin’ Artists (BigMP22) (2012)

I don’t know the collective noun for a group of breakbeat producers like the one the BigM label has assembled here and neither apparently do BigM who’ve settled for the description ‘bangin’ artists.’ For the twenty second time. Yes – Volume 22 – and bang they do. Tom Drummond & Slynk get jiggy with Will Smith yielding percussive elevation as Big Willy shakes the room, Tosses & Varvez slam Onyx harder than Onyx previously slammed

TOSSES & VARVEZ feat. MISSIN RED: The Music That I Love

Tosses & Varvez‘s new one is The Music That I Love and it’s all about the synths. Oh what – swirly, ethereal washes? All wafting about like Air in the realm of the cloud people? Not really, no. More like those really pissed off zombie Dobermans in the first Resident Evil film. If they were synths. Opener, and title track The Music That I Love is a skankin

PULPFUSION: Sex, Drums, Funk & Roll EP (2011) + video,

Forget Swizz Beats – this is all about Swiss beats for it’s from the land of expensive watches and expansive bank accounts that PulpFusion hails. The Sex, Drums Funk & Roll EP finds Mr Terence Thony (there’s an umlaut on the ‘o’ but not on my keyboard) indulging his love of big ass drum breaks, funky samples and rock guitars in quite spectacular fashion. Oh yeah – and sex