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TRUCK: Able To Stable/ How That Sound? (2012)

How about some UK boom-bap then? This release finds Truck deliver his lyrical freight over two beats with more crunch than an eighteen-wheeler reversing over your shins. Former Numskullz rapper Rola supplies the first beat for Able To Stable going large on the digi horns as Truck bigs up the pair’s ability to deliver beat and rhyme stability. The second beat for How That Sound? comes courtesy of Mr Fantastic (who also

MR FANTASTIC: Harvey’s Bristol Cream – Album (2011)

Ahhh Bristol! Famous for riots, slavery and talking like a pirate. Not to mention scrumpy, the mere vapour of which can remove paint and for sherry that according to local legend tastes smoother than the local milk – hence the name ‘cream.’ Oh yeah, and quite well known for beats too, usually heard emanating from clouds of herbal smoke. Enter Bristol-based producer Mr Fantastic, a.k.a Justin Harvey