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TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 11 (2017)

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 11Oh hello – it’s the Tru Funk label with Party Breaks Vol. 11 in the second of today’s adventures in party breaks. And there was me thinking the label was ‘on a break’ – possibly permanently – due to being tired and emotional from too much party-breaking. Well – that and the fact that no-one has heard anything from them in over a year. Once again, reports of their demise seem to be bollocks

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks Vol. 10 (2016)

Party Breaks Vol 10 Tru FunkTru Funk’s breakbeat party mission continues on apace with recent drop –Party Breaks Vol. 10 – a slim n trim five track affair. Dutch crew Bang N Mash start the party by providing a nu-funky breaks platform for Eric B & Rakim’s I Know You Got Soul while Chudy employs Destiny’s Child for So What? – something you might call bugaboo breaks. The remaining trio are made up of Clairvo

DJ AXE: City Funk (2016)

City Funk DJ AxeIf your dancefloor’s been missing out on that melodic breakbeat fire of late, get ready to re-up your fuel stash as DJ Axe returns from going AWOL to chop out a forest of samples (plus one original vocal from Kidd Lines) and transports them your way via the medium of fifteen track album of City Funk, his new one on the Tru:Funk label – another entity which has been conspicuous

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vols. 9 and 10 (2016)

Tasty Beats Vol 9 Vol 10 Tru FunkAfter a six month hiatus, here’s the Tru Funk label to wrap up their successful Tasty Beats series before heading off on another hiatus. I like to imagine they’re off somewhere hot, sitting by the pool, pina coladas in their hands surrounded by beach babes. Bloody hell – it’s all right for some isn’t it? Assuming of course that is what they’re up to. Er – anyway, it’s Tasty Beats Vol. 9

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 8 (2015)

Tasty Beats Vol. 8 Tru FunkThe latest round of Tru:Funk action, Tasty Beats Vol. 8 finds usual suspect Warson joined by Tosses & Varvez, Bang N Mash, Cez 14 and BMD. Warson gets low with a bit of Lil Jon and a beat channeling 90s soul, Bang N Mash marry King Bee with House Of Pain, Cez 14 chessboxes the Wu onto a beat that is equal parts INXS and New Jack Swing on No Job, Drugs & Gun and the bonus cut is BMD’s

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 6 (2015)

Tasty Beats Vol. 6 Tru FunkSee. I told you Tru Funk wasn’t dead. Here’s Tasty Beats Vol. 6 to prove it. Max Revolt‘s got a chunky party breaks Funky Feelin’, Warson beats Chris Brown (it’s only fair) into disco-shape onto Funky Kiss and Morlack‘s got an electro-ish Hot Sheila. Also present and correct are Freethinker Funk Essence who brings the spacey but again electro-flavoured The Ballad Of Acid Joe &

TRU FUNK: Tru Hop (2015)

Tru Hop Tru Funk360 questions to ask a Tru Funka and here are just seven of them:

Yo Tru Funk – is it true that Bialson Hajsy digs Biggie Sky’s The Limit?
Hey Tru Funk – could Morlack be more smooth than he is on this rework of Neyo and Ghostface’s Back Like That?

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 5 (2014)

Tasty Beats Vol. 5 Tru FunkFuck Christmas 2014! Let’s party like it doesn’t need to involve ripoff shit in the shops, crap work parties and a bunch of tax-avoiding millionaires reworking a patronising ‘charity’ song about famine. Enter the Tru Funk label with some good time flavour on Tasty Beats Vol. 5. Green Jesus, Warson, Funkosol Beats, Jayl Funk and DJ Kid Stretch are all on hand to provide conspicuously

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 4 (2014)

Tasty Beats Vol. 4 Tru Funk“Give me a muthafuckin breakbeat!” Alright, keep your hair on, here’s five – and the second one – DJ Axe’s disco-breakin Breakbeat Junkies – starts with those very words. It’s the latest Tru Funk drop of course, as the label keeps the party breaks scene flavoursome for late autumn with Tasty Beats Vol. 4. If the audio equivalent of cleaning your ears with a power drill is what you’re after

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks (Essential Selection)(2014)

Nu Party Breaks Essential Selection Tru FunkAs the festival season reaches it’s August peak and the number of releases reduces commensurately while artists swan off to sun-kissed fields to peddle their stock-in-trade while receiving free love and free drugs, when better (if you’re a label) to release a label retrospective? Enter Tru Funk’s Nu Party Breaks (Essential Selection) – the sort of thing that in the seventies would undoubtedly have been