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JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Funkin’ Your Soul (2017)

JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Funkin' Your SoulJayl Funk and Tarzan Bros. channel late 70s Bronx vibes on their latest collaboration Funkin’ Your Soul. Out on Jayl Funk’s very own Honkey Phonk label, this drop is all about the super disco-breakin’ vibes, positively dripping with retro-synth bass and funky geetar while Tarzan Bros. grace the mic in a firmly Sugarhill stylee. Let’s put it this way – Sylvia Robinson would have released it. Can

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 22 & 23 (2015)

Vol 22 23 Katakana EditsLee Zamah‘s The Castor Groove takes Jimmy Castor’s words A Groove Will Make You Move as its guiding tenet on Katakana Edits 22. Words, beat and quite a lot else in fact since, this is bootleg city and nothing is sacred. On the flip, Trotter pops round to help make Ginga the chunky slice of electro boogie that it undoubtedly is. Vol. 23 is however the sole province of Morlack who takes a


Funk Blasters SquadGiven how much material Morlack puts out in the average year, it’s hardly surprising that he hasn’t put out a compilation on his Funk Blasters label until now. What is surprising is that not only has he picked probably his most prolific year ever to do it, he’s also managed to find an impressive team (including two other label bosses) with whom to do it. And while the members of this hand

TIMEWARP INC: Ghetto Drunk Remixed Vol. 2

Timewarp Inc.‘s Ghetto Drunk LP from back in February gets a another whirl around the remix tree on this second volume of remixes which travels (not unsurprisingly) by the name of Remixed Volume 2. This time it’s the turn of Umbo, Soopasoul, mSdoS, Apedroid, Angel Funke, Atfunk, Trotter, Gabriel Rocca, The Spank!, and MustBeat Crew to put their own

TREMENDO: Dirty Funk Vol. 1 (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
That the raison d’etre of Vol. 1 of this new series on Telephunken‘s Tremendo label seems to be to put the funk back into ghetto funk will come as no end of relief to those who were wondering if that ‘f’ word was (with honourable exceptions) becoming as redundant as the ‘funky’ in ‘funky’ house always has been. Dirty Funk opens with Trotter & Telephunken getting all stank with the

MORLACK: Boogaloo EP (2012)

“Richie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me, please?” Yeah. That got your attention didn’t it? It’s a sample that certainly got mine when I was listening to the title track at the start of Morlack’s new Boogaloo EP. Boogaloo? Oh what – like the funky mambo/ soul hybrid? Um – no – not exactly. Oh…well perhaps something to do with Electric Boogaloo by Ollie & Jerry then…?