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THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL: The Beast And The Beauties EP (2015) Ltd. Free download

The Beast And The Beauties Scarlet PimpernelNext from The Scarlet Pimpernel after all those 90s rap remixes is this – his The Beast And The Beauties EP. Each of the three tracks contained thereon is graced by a different female vocalist (Jube, Sid M and Martha Cecelia respectively) so one assumes they’re the beauties and Mr Pimpernel is the beast whose beats are transformed from cinematic instrumentals into one

ZEMERALD: About Her (2015) Free download + video

About Her ZemeraldOne for jilted lovers and fans of both trip-hop and drum n bass everywhere as Zemerald‘s latest takes the vocals off a version of The Zombies’ 1964 mod-jazz-beat/rock single She’s Not There and slows it right down for that downtempo moodiness. He even throws in a dnb bridge for the point in said jilted lovers’ self-absorption when they get a bit angry and rail against the world for

JON KENNEDY: Corporeal Remixed Pt. 2 (2015)

Corporeal Remixed Pt 2 Jon KennedyIs it me or was this promised the best part of a year ago? Either way, let’s just say Corporeal Remixed Pt.2 is as substantial as its title promises in a number of ways. Firstly, it weighs in at an epic 22 tracks – approximately a quarter of which are bonus free cuts. Secondly, Jon Kennedy ensures there’s something here for a wide variety of musical tastes by taking a a free-roaming

RED MARTINA: Come On Home (2014)

Come On Home Red MartinaRight everybody – let’s find out about Come On Home and Red Martina.
Come on home to Red Martina? Yes please! You do mean her with all the skimpy ‘scale-mail’ bikini, red hair and massive broadsword, right?
No, that’s Red Sonja. This is Red Martina and it’s ‘they’ anyway. Oh yeah and Come On Home is

RED MARTINA: Rhythm & Rhyme (2014)

Come Oh Home Red MartinaMoody piano keys and trumpets, 85 bpm break, 4 a.m. female vocals, bit of scratching, sampled 1940s-sounding vocal loop….is it 1995? Are we in Bristol? Not with a soaring orchestral-rock hook like that we’re not. But I’ll give you a clue – remove the vocals of Hayley Cass and substitute the ‘gargling with broken glass’ raps of Vinnie Paz and you’d have…Jedi Mind Tricks. This must be Red Martina then – the hip-trip-hop side project

INNEREYEFULL: Playground (2014)

Playground InnereyefullIt’s a very welcome return here to Andy Kent a.k.a Innereyefull, musician, dj, producer and sometime purveyor of dusty cinematic downtempo breaks. I say ‘sometime’ since the bud haze appears to have cleared somewhat for his brand spanking new Playground LP thus allowing the bpms to creep stealthily into the upper 90s to begin with, then with increasing swagger into the

KABANJAK: Echoes In The Night (2013)

Echoes in the night? I get a few of them around my way. There one is – peaceably enjoying the evening – when suddenly the silence is shattered by something along the lines of “leave it Dave, he’s not worth it!” reverberating along the road. After midnight on weekends, anyway. There’s nothing to harsh your mellow on Kabanjak‘s new full-length effort though

HUNDRED STRONG & JOSEPH MALIK: All Ain’t The Same (2013)

Bristol beat-head Ben Dubuisson hooks up his Hundred Strong project with fellow bass cadet Joseph Malik on their All Ain’t The Same LP. All Ain’t The Same? Wasn’t that a 12″ by Hundred Strong and Joseph Malik from about nine years ago? Yeah, alright – who made you the quick release album police? You need to get off that urgency trip, man – it’ll be much easier on your

EWAN HOOZAMI: Fire In Me EP (2013) Free download

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Couldn’t tell you – I’m not an android. Well, I say ‘not’ – there was that whole episode with the origami unicorn…anyway – whatever androids dream of, it’s a fairly sure bet that they get down to a bit of robot soul at the replicant roadhouse. Which is where Bristol producer Ewan Hoozami comes in. His new album Robot Soul is out soon and if teaser EP Fire In Me is

MR BIRD: Bird Bird Bird (2013)

A lot of musicians suffer for their art. In Mr Bird‘s case one can only sympathise at all the dreamy summer afternoons and chilled evenings in southern European bars he must have had to endure in order to produce Bird Bird Bird. Formerly a resident of the United Kingdom, Bird has latterly moved to Lisbon and the mind really does boggle at the kind of devotion to one’s craft necessary in