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PURGATORY OF SOULS: Tripmatic EP (2016)

Tripmatic Purgatory Of SoulsYou can tell it’s January because it doesn’t seem like anyone can bear to release anything that isn’t trip-hop. Mind you – when it seems like it’s night for most for the day and you feel like you’ve got S.A.D. even when you haven’t, you can see the attraction of slo-mo beats redolent with vinyl crackle. It’s basically because trip-hop is the musical equivalent of a duvet – and this month

EMAPEA: Seeds, Roots & Fruits (2016)

Seeds Roots Fruits EmapeaWhat year is it again? 2016? I thought it was 1995 – at least I did when I heard Emapea‘s Seeds, Roots & Fruits which channels all those Mo Wax comps. from the mid-to-late nineties. Beats? Dusty. Samples? Crusty. Raps? Laid back. Basslines? Chunky. There’s plenty of variety too – Orange and Good Old Days and Milky Haze are dead ringers for early Nightmares On Wax or DJ

BEAT RIDE: Dreamers (2016)

DReamers Beat RideDid you overdo it over the new year? You did didn’t you? You’re never drinking again, work should be banned…where’s your duvet? What you need is something to capture your mood – not too energetic, smokily evocative, perhaps a little sombre and tinged with bluesy regret. Say hello to Beat Ride‘s trip-hoppy new whose four track Dreamers EP. Another Bad Day is the one for

SKINSHAPE: Oracolo (2015)

Oracolo SkinshapeRating: ★★★★★ Skinshape (a.k.a Will Dorey of Horus Records) follows-up his self-titled debut LP of last year with an impressive end-of-year effort that falls out of the psychedelic tree and hits every single branch on the way down. Oracolo combines sixties American roadtrip psychedelia with its slightly more pastoral English sixties cousin, throws in a healthy smattering of the more organic

SKINSHAPE: Old Days (2015)

Old Days SkinshapeNothing like a little bit of retro psychedelia is there? Especially when it’s got a downtempo funky groove locked down. Heads up then because this is the new one from producer/ multi-instrumentalist Will ‘Skinshape‘ Dorey whose Old Days channels the new old sound of Tame Impala via the sort of rhythms favoured by downtempo beat-heads of yore. Imagine DJ Shadow at a Grateful Dead

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL: The Beast And The Beauties EP (2015) Ltd. Free download

The Beast And The Beauties Scarlet PimpernelNext from The Scarlet Pimpernel after all those 90s rap remixes is this – his The Beast And The Beauties EP. Each of the three tracks contained thereon is graced by a different female vocalist (Jube, Sid M and Martha Cecelia respectively) so one assumes they’re the beauties and Mr Pimpernel is the beast whose beats are transformed from cinematic instrumentals into one

ZEMERALD: About Her (2015) Free download + video

About Her ZemeraldOne for jilted lovers and fans of both trip-hop and drum n bass everywhere as Zemerald‘s latest takes the vocals off a version of The Zombies’ 1964 mod-jazz-beat/rock single She’s Not There and slows it right down for that downtempo moodiness. He even throws in a dnb bridge for the point in said jilted lovers’ self-absorption when they get a bit angry and rail against the world for

JON KENNEDY: Corporeal Remixed Pt. 2 (2015)

Corporeal Remixed Pt 2 Jon KennedyIs it me or was this promised the best part of a year ago? Either way, let’s just say Corporeal Remixed Pt.2 is as substantial as its title promises in a number of ways. Firstly, it weighs in at an epic 22 tracks – approximately a quarter of which are bonus free cuts. Secondly, Jon Kennedy ensures there’s something here for a wide variety of musical tastes by taking a a free-roaming

RED MARTINA: Come On Home (2014)

Come On Home Red MartinaRight everybody – let’s find out about Come On Home and Red Martina.
Come on home to Red Martina? Yes please! You do mean her with all the skimpy ‘scale-mail’ bikini, red hair and massive broadsword, right?
No, that’s Red Sonja. This is Red Martina and it’s ‘they’ anyway. Oh yeah and Come On Home is

RED MARTINA: Rhythm & Rhyme (2014)

Come Oh Home Red MartinaMoody piano keys and trumpets, 85 bpm break, 4 a.m. female vocals, bit of scratching, sampled 1940s-sounding vocal loop….is it 1995? Are we in Bristol? Not with a soaring orchestral-rock hook like that we’re not. But I’ll give you a clue – remove the vocals of Hayley Cass and substitute the ‘gargling with broken glass’ raps of Vinnie Paz and you’d have…Jedi Mind Tricks. This must be Red Martina then – the hip-trip-hop side project