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METHOD MAN/ FREDDIE GIBBS/ STREETLIFE: ‘Built For This’ free download (2012) + The Man With Iron Fists OST tracklist

Here it is then, the first release off the soundtrack to RZA’s kung-fu flick The Man With Iron Fists. Featuring one of his many Wu-Tang buddies, Method Man, along with Freddie Gibbs and StreetLife, Built For This rocks a beat from Brooklyn soul band The Revelations (not to be confused with former Euro-girl band, The Revelations) who also collaborated with the

ITCHY & SKRATCHY DJs vs HIDDEN RIDDIM: A Ruff Guide To Bass Hop 2012 (2012) – Free download

It’s all about the rumble. Canadians Itchy & Skratchy and the UK’s Hidden Riddim crew go up against each other on this juddering, throbbing beast of a mixtape with hip-hop, glitch-hop and bass-wobbling numbers all blended seamlessly for your delectation. Loads of Riddim Fruit exclusives turn up that’ll have you head-nodding, dancing and smoking the kush (or all three) by turns. Download

DJ FORMAT: New LP ‘Statement Of Intent’ due February (2012) + promo video/audio and tracklist

DJ Format’s back hurrah! Well, soon, anyway – and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be taking any prisoners with his first full length LP since 2005’s If You Can’t Join ‘Em…Beat ‘Em. How long!? Yeah, I know – tell me about it. The fifteen track Statement Of Intent (full tracklist below) is due for a 27 February release on digital, cd and DOUBLE VINYL and looks all set to feature the usual fat-funky boom-bap business

KATALYST: Deep Impressions (2011) + tracklist

“Many styles of music have made deep impressions on me,” says Oz producer Katalyst with a cavalier disregard for labouring a metaphor as he discusses his latest LP Deep Impressions which sports an image of a ‘deep impression’ in the form of what seems to be a meteor crater on its cover. Presumably, also, his intention was that this LP would make a ‘deep impression’ on

OL’ DIRTY BASTARD: Return To The 36 Chambers (Deluxe Version) (2011) + tracklist

ODB’s magnum opus Return To The 36 Chambers gets a re-release on the self-proclaimed ‘world’s finest online music boutique’ label Get On Down Records in deluxe, collectable, free-gift ago-go format along the lines of this imprint’s previous Arthur Russell/ Dinosaur L drop. Where the latter was all about the limited edition screen prints, among the extras on offer here are a billfold wallet, for when you ‘got your money’

APATHY: Honkey Kong LP release details + tracklist (2011)

Did you hear about the difference between Donkey Kong and Honkey Kong? The first was a game that showed an ape on a platform while the other is a platform for Apathy to show he’s got game. Yeah alright, not brilliant, but no worse than the title of an album that is the third solo outing for the artist who created it. Well, I say ‘solo’ – he’s brought most of his mates along and, with any luck, it’ll be every bit as good as 2009’s Wanna Snuggle

UGLY DUCKLING: ‘Moving At Breakneck Speed’ album release details, artwork and tracklist announced (2011)

Read full album review HERE

As previously announced on MB back in February, Long Beach old-school hip-hop crew, Ugly Duckling, have been in the process of working on their fifth studio album, Moving At Breakneck Speed. According to their brand new website www.uglyduckling.us, it will be released in October this year. The record is a 14 track concept album described by UD as

VARIOUS: Soul Braza – Brazilian 60’s & 70’s Soul Psych Vol 1 – Album (2011) + tracklist

Rating: ★★★★★
Couldn’t let this puppy go by without a mention – the label releasing this isn’t called No Smoke for nothing. Soul Braza is fire and yet another reason why this May is a five star month for music. How can you not love a female vox funk-soul version of Hey Joe where the only recognisable words are ‘Hey Joe’?

COPYWRITE: The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson – 2010 – Album details + tracklist

I remember Copywrite. Wasn’t he the guy who made an appearance right at the end of RJD2’s debut Deadringer? It was a while back – must have been because it was before the kids started rapping over housey/ trancey/ synth-y shit and calling it hip-hop. Back when the underground released stuff that counted instead of the steadily diminishing returns (both lyrically and beat-wise) of recent years. Mind you, that was back when RJD2 made good music too…

BIG PIMP JONES – Jimmy Ruckus & The 5 Fingers Of Death – LP details + tracklist

With a name like Jimmy Ruckus & The Five Fingers Of Death it could only be the soundtrack to a kung fu flick or a really nasty porn film. As it turns out, it pretends to be the former though, given that wah-wah guitar is a constant throughout – it could function as either. As an exercise in early seventies kung fu soundtrack pastiche this is pretty peerless, not only because it’s about as authentic as, well, an early seventies kung fu flick sound track but because, um, nobody else is doing early seventies kung fu soundtrack pastiches