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MINIMATIC: ‘If This Is Love/ Owner Of A Boogaloo Heart’ 7″ (2015)

If This Is Love MinimaticRating: ★★★★★ Sometimes the true genius of making a bootleg lies in seeing the simple thing that everyone else has overlooked – “Why not speed this up and add that beat? My god it’s so obvious!” Then again, sometimes the true genius of the bootleg lies in seeing the funk in something profoundly unfunky and marrying this with the drums from that song, the melody from another

MINIMATIC: Let’s Get It Into Your Soul EP (2013)

Let’s Get It Into Your Soul proposes Minimatic on this new EP as he offers to mainline some soul-bossa straight into your earholes with a title track that cheekily appropriates the acapella of Marvin Gaye’s massive shag anthem Let’s Get It On. This is followed in short order by some reggae-ed up Fiddy (In Da (Roots) Club, naturally) and standout Planet Jerk – a funked-up, swinging sixties slice of