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SADAT X: The Bass Player (2016) + video

the-bass-player-sadat-xStill spawning singles at this late stage in the year is Sadat X‘s summer LP Agua though I don’t think anyone will be complaining about the Brand Nubian’s latest, The Bass Player, one of the few LP cuts that features X on a solo tip. It’s charm comes from a beat replete with clattery drums and bassy funk courtesy of Bushwick bad boys Da Beatminerz and X’s distinctively raucous drawl as he spits

SADAT X feat. A-F-R-O & RAHZEL: Murder Soundtrack (2016)

Murder Soundtrack Sadat X A F R OSadat X with another track off forthcoming LP Agua already? Damn straight! That’ll be the none-more-topical (given recent events) Murder Soundtrack featuring ’emcee most likely to’ All Flows Reach Out or, as he is usually more conveniently known, A-F-R-O on mic duties for the first half and X for the second with former Roots-man Rahzel providing beatbox cuts and

SADAT X: Freeze (Prod. PETE ROCK)(2016)

Freeze Sadat XSadat’s back! Whadya mean who’s that? Sadat X of Brand Nubian with new material and a beat from fellow old timer Pete Rock to hand! That’ll be Freeze then – the first single off forthcoming LP Agua on which he professes to talk about subjects that affect the masses’ daily lives like – er, “I’ve been with actresses, did my shit at the shows/ I know a lot of secrets but I would never expose.”

GHOSTFACE KILLAH feat. KANDACE SPRINGS: Love Don’t Live Here No More (2014)

Love Don't Live Here No More Ghostface KillahGhostface Killah‘s new single is one of the highlights off new LP 36 Seasons and the just-dropped video’s a humdinger too! In it, Ghostface alter ego Tony Starks is played by Omar off The Wire who, it turns out isn’t gay after all but has been in prison for ages and the missus is a bit pissed off. To underline how pissed off she is we find out from the hook (sung by Blue Note’s

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: 36 Seasons (2014)

36 Seasons Ghostface KillahIf you dig deft lyrical delivery of hard-boiled tales of double-crossing and revenge combined with 70s soul-influenced boom-bap production you’re going to shit when you hear that a certain legendary emcee has his thirteenth full length studio LP, 36 Seasons coming out next month. Wu are we talking about? Why Ghostface Killah of course – a.k.a Ghostface, Ironman and Tony Starks. The