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KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 38 (2016)

Vol 38 Katakana EditsAre you a soul man? Do you know anyone who’s a soul man? Timewrap does. He knows Mr Vragz and between them they’ve got soul fingers as they rework soul classic – er – Soul Finger into re-energised Hammond breaks workout Soul Fingerz. It sounds like Big Boss Man after they’ve sampled and eaten themselves. Also comes accompanied by much mellower Timewrap outing Jalec because

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 32 & 33 (2015)

Vol 31 32 Katakana EditsThe latest monkey-friendly offerings from Katakana Edits are the reggae-hip-hop soundclash of Vol. 32 from Timewrap and the late 70s indulgence of Vol. 33 from (who else?) Morlack. Timewrap ensures good vibrations when he incorporates a bit of Meff and DMC over Willie Williams’ Armagideon riddim on DubRealMC and supplies an instro version too. Morlack on the

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 13 & 14 (2013)

The Katakana Edits label returns with Vol. 14 from Timewrap. Cue a bit of skankin deep disco boogie plus a dubby edit of Duran Duran’s eighties breakthrough hit Girls On Film entitled Girls On Drugs. The original uncensored video for Girls On Film contains alarming (especially for then) images of female models rubbing themselves off on greased poles during a pillow fight, female models snogging, female models mud-wrestling semi

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 11 & 12 (2013)

Updating dusty old classics for modern tastes is a thriving party breaks industry. Sometimes the man agrees and sanctions an official edit. Typically, he doesn’t – mainly because he usually wants all of the profit from such releases. It’s a practice which forces producers underground and results in the man getting none of the profits. But fuck him anyway. Since when did he ever understand music? On the other hand, Katakana Edits along