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VARIOUS: Freestyle 4 Funk 3 (Compiled by Timewarp)(2014)

Freestyle 4 Funk 3 TimewarpFreestyle 4 Funk 3 finds Timewarp doing a ‘bestsellers-from-the-catalogue-in-the-past-two-years-job’ although at thirty-one tracks you might be forgiven for thinking they’re re-releasing their entire catalogue from the last two years. If so you’d be wrong. Timewarp are no strangers to the compilation odyssey – the Greek label’s Quincy Jointz-selected Lime Sorbet IV drop in March

FUNKY DESTINATION: Down To The Music (2013)

Unlike many another artist, there’s no claiming that his music will take you to a funky location for the unusually-monikered Timewarp-signing Funky Destination. Oh no. He’s claiming he actually is that very place. Nevertheless, despite having thus cruelly deprived his own music of a purpose, the Down To The Music EP still manages to deliver two tracks of respectable nu-funkified disco breaks