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BASEMENT FREAKS: Time Machine (2016)

Time Machine Basement FreaksBasement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis is one of the biggest players in the party breaks scene and has been for years. So when there’s a new Basement Freaks LP out and it’s the fourth such musical adventure, it behoves those with a keen interest in party breaks to pay attention. And since his outfit’s new twelve track set has just dropped, you’ll want to know the skinny. Let’s see how they did

CAPITOL 1212: Good Feelin (feat. Mike G, MCM, Cadence, Dizzy Dustin & DJ Sheep)/ Fly Times (feat. Time Machine & Danny Diamond) + video

Rating: ★★★★★
Massive breaks, sweet funk loop and more quality Yank MCs than James Brown could shake his lickin’ stick at? Yes, Capitol 1212 join the few who stand firm on the battered island of true-school hip-hop against the tidal waves of crap that daily batter its shores. They follow up their hip-hop/ dancehall crossover Invade The Carnival with Good Feelin and continue a tradition of UK producers crafting classic beats for U.S. MCs which in recent years has yielded some of the best hip-hop around