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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Hip To The Remix (2012)

On which Renegades Of Jazz continues his mission to reclaim use of the word ‘hip’ to mean ‘rather well-informed about and appreciative of’ from its association with a certain eighties yuppie pop anthem. But that’s enough about Huey Lewis – let’s skip to the news which is that Renegades Of Jazz’s superb Hip To The Jive album has been remixed as Hip To The Remix. Yep, all twelve

BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Volume 1 (2012)

They might have shot all their homemade bullets but that doesn’t mean Booty Fruit are out of musical ammunition. Their new series of mash-up material is called Proper Produce and is more than juicy enough to have booty bouncing. And melons come to that. Nice pear. Er – anyway, this new volume features a barrow-load of fresh cuts. Djtzinas and Mr Big style it by layering Screechy

JAYL FUNK: Get Down On The Floor (2011)

Jayl Funk’s latest, Get Down On The Floor, is a new original funky breaks number that should keep him out of the slammer for the foreseeable future. During it JF aims to get the listener ‘down on the floor’ by making quite free with what sounds like Vernon Burch’s Get Up (all late seventies slap bass and a Cameo-style break) and adding in a bit of contemporary female vocals and some distorted guitar. That ought to work

TIM MCVICAR: For The Money (2011)

Smoove & Turrell’s live band bassist, Tim McVicar, steps out from the shadows cast by neo-northern soul’s unlikeliest but most deserving stars with his first breaks tune. Despite this release’s title, one can only assume he does this less for the money in these days of free downloads, illegal downloads and tinny, piss-weak ‘I converted it from a Youtube video’ mp3s, than for the show