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BEATS & CULTURE: BNC003 (Vinyl 12″)

 BEATS & CULTURE: BNC003 (Vinyl 12After more than a half year of silence, the Beats & Culture Youtube camp hook-up with Melting Records for a third release blending hip-hop and dub with exotic sounds – this time featuring The Spy From Cairo, Thunderball, Invisible Sounds and SomehowArt. That’s right, four tracks, which means that, rather than the seven inches of the first two releases, they’ve had to resort to the vinyl format of champions – the twelve inch – and

THUNDERBALL: Bulletproof: B Sides & Rarities (2017)

THUNDERBALL:  Bulletproof: B Sides & RaritiesNext on Fort Knox Five’s Fort Knox Recordings label is Bulletproof, a sixteen-track retrospective trawl through the back catalogue of Thunderball – an outfit formed in 1997 by three future members of FK5 – Rob Myers, Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona. It’s a compilation that packs a full clip of dancefloor weaponry too, taking in nine original mixes and seven remixes of – well – like the

SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 (2015)

Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 See IYou knew there was going to be a sequel when you saw the ‘1’ in the name of the first EP and here it is – the Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 on which Sammy Senior, Thunderball, Lack Jemmon and Palletz get busy with their choice of cuts off See-I‘s last album. Thunderball utterly transforms the mellow rootsy original of Never Give Up into persistent junglist jump-up