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THE TRAFFIC: Beat It b/w Thriller (Vinyl 7″)

THE TRAFFIC: Beat It b/w ThrillerRating: ★★★★★ Further evidence (should it be needed) that The Traffic has more fun than one band should rightly be able to have in a recording session comes on either side of their new Beat It b/w Thriller 45. Yes, that’s right, the funk covers side-project of Cookin’ On 3 Burners drummer, Ivan Khatchoyan, delivers double treats from Michael Jackson’s early-80s creative zenith. Famed

MJ: Thriller The Funk of 40 000 Years (ROCKNROLLA SOUNDSYSTEM Edit)(2017) Free download

MJ:  Thriller The Funk of 40 000 Years (ROCKNROLLA SOUNDSYSTEM Edit)(2017) Free downloadHello – pictures of fruity young ladies with tattoos? You can tell this is a Rocknrolla Soundsystem edit before you hear or read anything about it – even if the hottie in question is all dolled-up like Baron Samedi. Turns out RRS have done a rework of MJ’s cheesy Halloween classic, Thriller and not the first one this month either – since this edit follows Hot Border Special’s cover. ‘Blimey – what’s that

HOT BORDER SPECIAL: Thriller (2017)

HOT BORDER SPECIAL:  Thriller (2017)The countdown to the Halloween silly season is well under way and fighting the urge to put out something horror-themed if you’re a band must be akin to being trying to stop transforming under a full moon if you’re a werewolf. Hot Border Special acknowledge they must bow to the inevitable then but clearly figure that if they’re going to be lycanthropes, they might as well be