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THIRD COAST KINGS: Birds & Bees (2014)

Birds And Bees Third Coast KingsMichigan funksters Third Coast Kings deliver a message of love with new single and smoochy brass-led soul cut Birds & The Bees. As you’ll see from the early drinking scenes in the video – all that subsequent dancing and pairing off is clearly fuelled by alcohol and probably led to christ knows what. On the plus side though, full marks to the band – firstly for not only being able to organise a

THIRD COAST KINGS: West Grand Boulevard (2014)

West Grand Boulevard Third Coast KingsBefore it became a financially bankrupt post-industrial wasteland the city of Detroit was famous for two things: being a centre for the mass production of motor cars and being a centre for the mass production of soul and funk music. The thoroughfare of West Grand Boulevard (known along a particular stretch as Berry Gordy Jr Boulevard fact fans) cuts through said city and now

THIRD COAST KINGS: Just Move (2014) + video

Just Move Third Coast KingsNow then, how about some funk? Thought so – and it’s provided by none other than Michigan funk missionaries Third Coast Kings. Just Move is the debut single and standout cut from the forthcoming LP West Grand Boulevard. It’s an insistent little groove powered by an infectious bassline and features a vocal turn by Michelle Camilleri, Barkays-ish wah-wah guitar and a New Orleans-style

THIRD COAST KINGS: Third Coast Kings (2012)

Record Kicks’ current funk champions Third Coast Kings have an album out and it’s called Third Coast Kings. No messing around there then. The twelve tracker from this modern Motor City funk crew takes its references from the early seventies and sways between hard-edged cop show wah-wah cuts like Cop It Proper and Case Quarter and vocal soul burners like Tonic Stride and

THIRD COAST KINGS: ‘Spicy Brown’ video (2012)

Italian label Record Kicks are currently championing their funk signings Third Coast Kings who’ve just released the video for Spicy Brown off their soon-to-be-released LP. For the geographically challenged, the ‘third coast’ in the band’s name refers to the shores of the Great Lakes of North America – more specifically for Third Coast Kings who hail from Michigan – the shores of – durrr…Lake Michigan. Record Kicks reckon Huron