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KATAKANA EDITS:  Vol. 51 (THE WORLDSTYLERS & DJ CLAIRVO)(2017)Time for a Hungarian double-header as The Worldstylers lay it down Latin style in collaboration with DJ Clairvo for the four-track Vol. 51 of the long-running Katakana Edits series. First up is the appropriately-titled Hello Everybody which provides suitably sinuous samba antics to engage the wallflowers and then, having got people on the floor, it’s all about the uptempo Latin disco

THE WORLDSTYLERS: Adventures With… (2015)

Adventures With The WorldstylersSavages Y Suefo’s alter ego The Worldstylers goes from strength to strength with the arrival of debut LP . Anyone who caught Niles Philips massive remix of Gimme One More last year will know to expect plenty of interesting antics from this Budapest-based breaks outfit and this album is unlikely to disappoint. Every bit as varied as the name The Worldstylers would suggest, Adventures

THE WORLDSTYLERS: Kosher Beat (2013)

With a title like Kosher Beat – there was clear potential for The Worldstylers (Savages Y Suefo in their more energetic funky breaks disguise) to pack this EP with Only Fools And Horses vocal samples. Despite inexplicably passing over such an opportunity, the boys from Budapest still supply the real dope in the form of the sort of funky breaks The Wiseguys might have made if they’d had a

THE WORLDSTYLERS: The Blues Boutique (2013)

Oohh – marmite release. Forthcoming drop The Blues Boutique by The Worldstylers (a.k.a Savages Y Suefo) on the Timewarp label taps into the rise and rise of electro blues and delivers two tracks each remixed a number of times. On the one hand there’s the house-influenced Put It Right There which made me want gnaw my arm off a little bit. On the other hand there’s the bumping Niles Phillips