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THE TIBBS: Another Shot Fired (Vinyl 7″) + video

THE TIBBS:  Another Shot Fired (Vinyl 7The Tibbs return with a new single that is also the title track from their second LP, Another Shot Fired, released back in the autumn. It’s an uptempo reggae-tinged soul affair, ably-helmed by new singer Roxanne Hartog who replaces Elsa Bekman and is well up to conveying the sort of romantic sorties explored in the lyrics. But how to represent such goings-on in audio visual format? Well, Holland is famously a home of café culture

THE TIBBS: Lies (Vinyl 7″)(2017) + Video

THE TIBBS:  Lies (Vinyl 7Looks like there’ll be a new album from hot Dutch funk/soul properties The Tibbs next year then. Lies? No it’s all true – that’s just the name of the new single which applies a decidedly Daptones-ish aesthetic to create a horns-led chugger on which singer Elsa Bekman ponders the – well – lies that people live. But how to represent this via an

THE TIBBS: Dog Days (2015)

Dog Days The TibbsHolland’s hottest soul export, The Tibbs, have a second single out off their recent Takin’ Over LP, I see. That’ll be Dog Days then – a jaunty slice of Motown-ish rnb – apparently named after the hottest, sweatiest parts of August. Sounds like the perfect excuse to showcase the model looks of singer Elsa Beckman in no less than two skimpy retro dresses as she alternates between doing

THE TIBBS: Takin’ Over (2016)

Takin Over The TibbsThe TibbsTakin’ Over? No – I’m not on about the couple at number 46 with the cherry tree on the front lawn and the privet hedge – that’s the Tibbs. I’m talking about The Tibbs – the latest in a respectable line-up of Dutch retro funk and soul acts who with their debut LP, fronted by female vocal powerhouse Elsa Bekman could be the very thing (and then some) to fill the vacancy left by

THE TIBBS: Next Time/ The Story Goes 7″ (2016) + video

Next Time The TibbsRecord Kicks continue to unearth the talent with the discovery of The Tibbs. Well, I say discovery – this Dutch outfit have actually been around for at least three years though this is their debut single. Here for your aural delectation on the one side is bluebeat-ish bit of soul (or perhaps a soulful bit of bluebeat) Next Time while the flip features the more northern-leaning The Story