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Where Y'At Soul SnatchersDutch funk-soul crew The Soul Snatchers alternate between smooth seventies soul and raw sixties funk on third LP Where Y’At which is out this spring. The LP, sporting a suitably washed-out kerbside view of Soul Street, Skid Row, Anytown, U.S.A. offers a twelve track mix of both instrumentals and vocal cuts, the latter of which find both Curtis T. and special guest (the aptly

STEELY CHAN: Biggie Smalls vs. The Soul Snatchers ‘Juicy Sniffin’ (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash)(2012) Free download

Rating: ★★★★★
The best of the recent tracks in their endless output of hip-hop mashups, Juicy Sniffin finds Steely Chan depositing lyrical don Biggie Smalls on top of neo-funky-soul outfit the Soul Snatchers. Musically that is – not actually since a) Biggie was notoriously (see what I did there?) a fat bastard and there’s no way you’d be playing anything

THE SOUL SNATCHERS: Scratch My Itch (2011) Album release details

Many are those who attempt to recreate that original funky soul sound but there are few who actually manage it as well as The Soul Snatchers whose new LP Scratch My Itch is released in February. The official video preview and the soundcloud snippets of the new one (see below) would suggest you can expect plenty of ‘huh’, quite a lot of ‘uhh’ and a bit of ‘get down!’ along with fat horns, wah-wah chops and big breaks. Anyone who’s heard their track People