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MONKEYBOXING.COM top ten albums 2010

(Monkeyboxing top ten tracks 2010 HERE) Man – who listens to albums any more? The mp3 playlist has pretty much killed off listening to an LP all the way through, consigning filler to the bin and crowning the single king again after a fifty year gap. Having said that, there were a few efforts out there this year that kept your finger off the skip button:

THE SOUL BROS. INC: The Story Of The Soul Brothers Inc. – 2010 – Album review

HIGHLIGHTS: African Slide/ Git It/ The Devil Made Me Do It/ Girl In The Hot Pants
SOUNDBITE: “God told me to take it easy –‘Are you gonna go before your time’? But if good-looking women in hot pants kill me, I don’t mind dyin’!”

Rating: ★★★★★
And just when you were thinking there couldn’t possibly be any more grade-A dusty old funky-soul cuts lying around