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DIZRAELI & THE SMALL GODS: Monthly podcast (2011) Free download

They’re a bit folk, a bit hip-hop – hmmm – what can we call it? Putting that knotty conundrum to the side for a minute there’s just time to say that Dizraeli and his Small Gods crew (now including DJ Downlow of Itch FM) have started up a regular monthly podcast. Or ‘Godcast’ as they’re calling it. And actually, just for that shocking play on words, they deserve to be called ‘folk-hop.’ Freely downloadable, you can cop said podcasts and such

DIZRAELI & THE SMALL GODS: ‘Million Miles’ – free download – 2011

If you’ve been missing UK folk-hop in the hiatus occasioned by the lack of anything from either Dizraeli or, say, Tom Caruana’s alter-ego Tom Bombadeal in the last couple of years, fear not, for the Diz is back leading the vanguard of the beardy beats brigade. And this new single from Dizraeli and crew The Small Gods (and when I say ‘crew’ I imagine more of a village gathering) has got some trippy lyrics.