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THE SHAOLIN AFRONAUTS: Quest Under Capricorn (2012)

Quest Under Capricorn is the second LP from Oz-crew The Shaolin Afronauts who, despite the afrobeat foundations of their sound offer something here that is liable to appeal beyond the afrobeat-freak circle of interest in much the same way as debut LP Flight Of The Ancients. The album has a sixties/ seventies vibe that’s part Lalo Schifrin film/cop-show soundtrack-esque


The band with the best name in Afro-influenced funky music return with what is presumably a tribute to one of the five Boros’ although with a name like theirs you might have expected them to pick Staten Island and with the sort of names David Beckham picks for his kids (like, say, Brooklyn) Shaolin Afronuats might wish they had done. Don’t expect afrobeat though (if that’s