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THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL: The Beast And The Beauties EP (2015) Ltd. Free download

The Beast And The Beauties Scarlet PimpernelNext from The Scarlet Pimpernel after all those 90s rap remixes is this ā€“ his The Beast And The Beauties EP. Each of the three tracks contained thereon is graced by a different female vocalist (Jube, Sid M and Martha Cecelia respectively) so one assumes they’re the beauties and Mr Pimpernel is the beast whose beats are transformed from cinematic instrumentals into one

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL: ‘The Day Everything Turned Green’ (90s Rap Remixes Part 4) (2014) Free download

The Day Everything Turned Green Scarlet PimpernelI remember a day everything turned green but I think that was quite a bit to do with that brie I ate that was past its sell-by date. Ask The Scarlet Pimpernel about The Day Everything Turned Green however and he’ll tell you that it’s the fourth and final installment in his epic mission to rescue 90s rap classics from their original 90s beats and deliver them to brand new 90s-ish

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL: The Man Who Collected Worlds 90s Rap Remixes Part 2 (2014)

Man Collected Worlds Scarlet PimpernelMore 90s rapapellas get rescued from their original boom-bap beats and delivered to a safe new home on – er – different 90s-style boom-bap beats on The Man Who Collected Worlds aka. 90s Rap Remixes Part 2. However, as with Part 1, producer The Scarlet Pimpernel switches things up by expertly constructing the new beats with a heavy dose of keys and synths. So it is that two tracks