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1. (NEW) THE REGALS – Sure Taking Care Of Me (Single)(Jupiter Finland)
Comes on like Tom Jones singing a mental funk soul bomb. Proof that sometimes B sides are better!

2. (NEW) DA WIESEL – Cool Hot Grits – (Single)(Sunsetsoul)
Another One Bites the Dust B-line? Roots Manuva? Why aren’t you dancing?

3. (NEW) UGLY DUCKLING – Right Now (Audacity LP) (Fat Beats)
Einstein digs deep in the vintage funk, Andy C and Dizzy start the party.

4. (NEW) SIR BEANS OBE feat. Koaste – The Jingle (Unreleased)
Yet another massive cut from Beans topped with tight rhymes from Koaste.

5. (NEW) BLU – We Got U (A Day Late, A Dollar Short LP) (Unreleased)
Coast to coast unite! Super mellow flows from L.A.’s Blu; dope beats from NY’s Sene.

6. (NEW) BETTY DAVIS – Come Take Me
The original queen of filthy funk rock pops up on dope re-press.
ListenRead Review…

7. (NEW) THE KILLER METERS – Dance, Move, Shake! (Single) (Breakin Bread)
Massive slice of funk-rock with vocalist Karime Kendra coming on like Betty Davis.

8. (5) ANDY TAYLOR feat. Louisa Rox (Unreleased)
Ridiculously euphoric funky anthem. 3rd month in the chart!

9. (NEW) K DELIGHT – The Life & Times Of A Scratch Machine
11 minute scratch extravaganza.

10. (10) T-BIRD & THE BREAKS – Juice (Learn About It LP)(Unreleased)
Funky-ass soul so raw it’s still bleeding.

THE REGALS – I Took Rock N Roll For Real/ You’re Sure Taking Care Of Me – 2008 – Single review

Rating: ★★★☆☆

When I first heard the A-side of this by Finnish funksters The Regals it sounded like Tom Jones covering Ricky Martin’s La Vida Loca. Unfortunately it still sounded like that on all subsequent listens. Thank Christ for the B side then which sounds like Tom Jones doing a mental funk soul bomb. It’s good to know the Finnish funk and soul scene is still thriving though…anyone remember The Soultors?
Out now on Jupiter Finland

Listen to – The Regals – I Took Rock N Roll For Real/ You’re Sure Taking Care Of Me

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