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BEATNIK CITY: The Beat Kicks Vol. 1 (2015)

The Beat Kicks Vol. 1 Beatnik CityRating: ★★★★★ Can the beat kick? The answer, judging by the contents of the Beatnik City label’s latest – The Beat Kicks Vol. 1, would seem to be an emphatic, ‘yes it can!’ This follow-up to The Rio District Vol. 1 switches the focus from party breaks edits of sixties Brazilian grooves to party breaks edits of any 50s or 60s gear that hasn’t been nailed firmly down. Expect to hear Jacques

BEATNIK CITY PRESENTS: The Rio District Vol. 1 (Power bossa, Samba & Brazil) (2014)

The Rio District Beatnik City Presents Vol. 1‚Ķwith which new label Beatnik City embarks upon a mission to explore the world of sixties music via the medium of remixes and re-edits. Sounds promising. Volume 1, The Rio District, has a special focus on the sound of the world’s sexiest city from arguably the world’s most influential decade thus far in popular music. As a consequence, the label have called upon an expert